Vision Zero Cities

This project was for the Transportation Alternatives Vision Zero Cities conference. (Visit the site.)

My Role

Working off a fantastic design by J Oberman, I installed Drupal 8 and the necessary modules, created the information architecture, wrote the site's CSS (working off Bootstrap), and worked through the site's display at various CSS breakpoints.


The site needed to be simple for staff running the conference to edit, as well as be very easy for conference participants to use on the day of the event. The site's primary use case on the day of the event would be primarily on mobile, so the schedule page was designed mobile-first.

Site Build

With design in hand, I began to build the site using Drupal. This was my first site build using Drupal 8, but it was made much simpler by the use of our standard Bootstrap theme as a base. Since we had scoped out the pieces of content that would be needed in the preliminary meetings, it was simply a matter of creating the fields one by one and integrating them into the template. There were some rough edges due to bugs in the then-beta image crop module, which had to be smoothed over with CSS.


We launched with a small amount of content, and event staff was able to slowly add speakers and panels as they were confirmed.